Floor finish-milling with fins-milling-machines

Measurements and Weights:
Small machine: 0,20 meters milling width, 80 kilogramms
Big machine: 0,30 meters milling width, 300 kilogramms

On a milling-drum, rotating at about 600 r.p.m. closely to the floor, are single milling-fins loosely-suspended. They hit the surface of the floor with their dead load on each rotation of the drum.

Areas of Application:
- Keying to optimize adhesion for all pavements, which are applied on different subgrades.
- Removal of layers (up to 0,5 centimeters thick), depending on the layer and the material below even in different working cycles.
- Conrete-Cement-Paste-Layer, isolation-layer below the surface, frost damages, Surface repair (former floor was fitted too wet/is too rough/is too sleeky).
- Coat of paint, sealing, thin coatings, smoothing cement, removal of hardened screeding adhesive, bitumen sealing, abrasive fouling.

Floor grinding with diamond tools

Measurements and Weights:
Smallest machine: one handed angle grinder
Biggest machine: about 0,80 x 1,20 meters, 400 kilogramms

Diamond pot panes in various sizes and qualities, assembled on different machines. The grinding width of the tooling truss is up to 0,65 meters.
Maximal stock removal rate is guaranteed by heavy machinery and high tooling revolution.

Areas of Application:
Keying or limited removal of mineral and bitumen subgrades.
Hard coatings, tiles, natural stones.

Floor shot peening


Measurements and Weights:
225 millimeter peening width: 160 kilogramms + filter system 60 kilogramms and more
400 millimeter peening width: 380 kilogramms + filter system 450 kilogramms
460 millimeter peening width: 450 kilogramms + filter system 450 kilogramms
500 millimeter peening width: 500 kilogramms + filter system 500 kilogramms
630 millimeter peening width: 600 kilogramms + filter system 600 kilogramms

Steel bullets of about 0,1-0,2 centimeters diameter are catapulted by a spinner with about 250 kilometers/hour onto the floor. From there, they leap back through a rebound duct, pass a dust seperation fitting and fall back into the reservoir, from where they once again will be applied by the spinner (closed circuit).

Areas of Application:
- Keying to optimize adhesion for all pavements on all subgrades to remove undesirable sleekness / slipp hazard.
- Removal of layers (up to 0,15 centimeters thick), depending on the layer and the material below.
Concrete / screed: Cement-paste-layer up to 0,15 centimeters thick.
Fouling, abrasion by tires, production remainders... up to 0,1 centimeters thick.
Coats of paint, coatings (hard/rough) up to 0,05 centimeters thick.
Asphalt: Smoothing cement (hard/rough) up to 0,1 centimeters thick.
Screeding adhesive (hard/rough) up to 0,1 centimeters thick.
Bitumen paint (hardened) up to 0,05 centimeters thick.
Coatings/tiles: Matting or removal of the upper layer/glaze/sealing.
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Floor milling by substance cold milling cutter (street milling cutter)


Measurements and Weights:
W350 (small machine): 1 meter wide, 2,8 meters long, 1,8 meters heigh, 4400 kilogramms
(for smaller ceiling load without additive weights 2800 kilogramms)
W500 (big machine): 1,3 meters wide, 3,6 meters long, 2,1 meters heigh, 6700 kilogramms

System chisel milling:
Milling cylinder 35 centimeters / 50 centimeters wide, which is assembled with 38/54 milling chisels, is pressed into the floor (by high weight/pressure), moving forward. It turns with 400 r.p.m..

Areas of Application:
Removal of coatings, concrete, screed, asphalt. Layer thicknesses of 0,5-10 centimeters.
The thickness of the removed surface depends on the hardness of the material.

The performance achieved for milling e.g. coatings or 1 centimeter old concrete ranges between 300 500 square meters per day.

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